City Walk

City Walk – culture and history

Did you know that the bell tower of Oslo City Hall plays AC/DC, Edvard Grieg and Linkin Park to mark the hour? Or that Oslos famous Opera House was the site where our city was founded almost a thousand years ago? The city’s history stretches from medieval through industrial to modern times. And most importantly; where did they all go to dance back then? Join us for a special city tour with a certified Oslo guide – something to learn for natives and visitors alike!-

  • See the inside of the functionalist masterpiece Oslo City Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony takes place every year
  • Walk through the main street between the Parliament and the Royal Castle and learn some highlights of history of our capital
  • See the development of Tjuvholmen with one of the largest museum for contemporary art in Norway, designed by Renzo Piano in the shape of a boat

Meet up at Sentralen (our dance venue for the weekend) Saturday Jan. 20, at 12.00 sharp, from where our city guide Kirsten Camereen will guide us for approximately an hour.

The City Walk ends at the City Hall.